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Driver Improvement (DIP) is an instructional program that is intended to provide driver rehabilitation.  You may have been assigned to the DIP program for one or more of many reasons such as court assignment, an accumulation of 5 or more points on your license, and/or traffic convictions.  If a judge has required you to take DIP, you should have or you will receive an "Assignment Letter". 

DIP classes are held on Saturdays at 10 am.  Please note, you must be registered by the Friday before class.  A minimum of $25 must be paid to secure a spot in class.  Please complete the form below, and someone will contact you. You may call 410-496-3100 for additional information.

Next Class 11/10/2018 @9am

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Your inquiry for Driver Improvement has been received. You will receive an invoice, and a staff member will contact you shortly. Please visit us in person during business hours, and prior to start of your selected class to complete your registration, and bring your license or MD state ID along with your assignment letter. Please note registration will not be confirmed until payment is received. Thank you for choosing Majestic Driving Academy, we look forward to serving you!
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